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Physics Tutor - Full

by Arjun S Bharadwaj


Equation Solver and Graphing tool for Physics Enthusiasts.

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Mathematics is the language of Physics and is very critical for understanding some of the advanced concepts in it. But many times, a great number of Physics enthusiasts often get intimidated by the vast amount of Mathematics used in Physics. The app Physics Tutor - Full tries to solve that problem. This app provides a great tool that helps student to concentrate on Physics without having to be drowned in the sea of Mathematical Equations. Features of High School Physics App: 1. Equations Calculator for over 170 equations covering over 20+ topics. 2. 160+ Definitions covering all the topics. 3. Descriptions for all the Units and Lessons. 4. Wiki pages for all the Units and Lessons inside the app. 5. Equations List for all the formulae. 6. Graphs for all the formulae 7. Clipboard support for all the Equations and Results 8. Optimised for tablets.

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